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Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr
We love these jeans from Le Temps des Cerises. The fitted cut and stylish blue colour gives these jeans a modern look. Urban trendsetters will love having these jeans in their wardrobes.

The model measures 183cm and wears a size FR 32.

Closure :

   Zip fastening

   Button fastening

Composition :

   Cotton : 92%

   Other : 6%

   Elastane : 2%

Care advice :


Le Blue Cerises Raw Lourita Des Temps rE1qIwr

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How does 400 ppmv for carbon dioxide compare to other gases in Earth's atmosphere? The following diagram shows the amounts of the other major gases in our atmosphere.

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